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Empty Homes

Empty homes can be a problem for a number of different reasons

  • Empty homes are a magnet for children who see them as some sort of adventure playground, not realising how dangerous they can be. If a property is not kept secure against access, and a person is injured, the owner is usually held liable.
  • Empty homes attract vandalism - windows get broken, pipe work is ripped out, rubbish is dumped, attracting rodents and vermin, which will thrive in an empty property.
  • Empty homes are a depreciating asset. Once a property starts to fall into disrepair, it soon loses its value, but becomes more costly to repair.
  • Empty homes have a negative impact on their immediate surroundings, leading to a loss of confidence in the area and a lessening in value for the surrounding properties.

Empty homes are potential homes

If brought back into use empty homes can help to reduce the need for building on green field sites.

The Government has now placed a responsibility on Local Authorities to bring empty homes back into use.

However we aware that there are many more empty homes in the district which we currently do not know about.


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Empty Dwelling Management Orders

Councils have new powers to take over empty homes and let them out.


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