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Private Sector Housing Grants and Loans

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Disabled Facilities Grant

These grants are available to owners or tenants to provide disabled adaptations to enable an occupant to use essential basic facilities or access their home.  This is a statutory grant and the conditions of the grant are contained in the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996. The maximum grant is £30,000.  Examples of common adaptations include:

  • Providing ramps to allow a person to get in and out of their house
  • Stair lifts and through floor lifts
  • Level access showers for people who cannot use a conventional shower or bath

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Disabled Home Assistance Grant

A person who is in receipt of a Disabled Facilities Grant can obtain a Disabled Home Assistance Grant of up to £7,000 in order to carry out essential works, e.g. Electrical repairs to enable the Disabled Facilities Grant works to proceed.

  • Repayable if property sold within 10 years
  • Applicant must be in receipt of Disabled Facilities Grant
  • Owners can only apply

Disabled Adaptation Loan

Where a person is in receipt of a Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) or Disabled Independence Grant (DIG) and adaptations works to exceed the maximum DFG grant limit of £30,000.00, a loan of up to £20,000 may be made available to fund the cost of eligible works that exceeds the DFG maximum

  • Repayable if property sold, unoccupied or on death
  • Applicant must be in receipt of a Disabled Facilities Grant
  • Will be subject to a means test

Disabled Independence Grant

A grant up to £30,000 for adaptations plus any cost towards fees up to a maximum of £5,000. The grant will also allow £3,000 towards any essential works of repair to enable the works to be completed. (The total grant possible is £38,000).

All application will be subject to the statutory means test for a DFG, but the calculation will exclude the first £20,000 of income.  It is anticipated that this will enable most applicants to receive a grant.

The first £15,000 of grant has no conditions. Any amount over £15,000 will be subject to conditions that require that the amount above £15,000 is to be repaid if the property is sold or is no longer occupied by the applicant(s).

The grant conditions will only apply for 5 years from the date the works are completed.

Stairlift Grant

Where there is an urgent need for a stairlift in a disabled persons home, a grant of up to £6,000 will be provided for a stairlift in the following cases

  • Where this has caused a delayed discharge of the patient due to the lack of a stairlift in their accommodation or
  • Where the existing stairlift is more than 10 years old, is not working and beyond economic repair
  • Where a person is known to become disabled following an operation (such as leg amputation) and a stairlift is required before the person can be discharged.
  • Means Tested
  • No Conditions

Disabled Relocation Grant

In appropriate cases where a property is unsuitable for adaptation with a Disabled Facilities Grant and it represents better value for money, a Disabled Relocation Grant will be offered up to a maximum of £20,000. This will pay for legal and moving costs and any agreed increase in the cost to purchase a more suitable property.

  • Repayable if property sold (or applicants die) within 10 Years
  • Applicant must be eligible for a Disabled Facilities Grant
  • Will be subject to a means test
  • Grant to pay for 70% of costs

Urgent Home Assistance Loan

A loan of up to £20,000 to owner-occupiers who are in receipt of a relevant means tested benefit or on low income at the time of application and whose home contains a serious hazard likely to cause risk of harm.

  • Interest free loan
  • Repayable if property sold
  • Only owner occupiers can apply
  • Will be subject to a means test 

Winter Warmth Grant 

This grant will pay for heating or insulation (normally replacement boilers) where the applicant is over 60 and has a long term heath condition. The maximum grant is £7,000.

  • Grant is repayable if property sold within 10 years
  • Only owner occupiers can apply
  • Not means tested

Empty Property Loan

Where a KCC no use empty loan has been approved to bring a long term empty property back into residential use, a further interest free loan of up to £15,000 is available from DCC to supplement the KCC loan.  

  • Only available to owners receiving a KCC no-use empty loan
  • Loans administered by KCC
  • Loans repayable after 3 years

Handyperson Service

We provide financial support to the East Kent Homes Improvement Agency to enable a Handyperson Service which provides help to vulnerable households. 

Private Sector Housing Policy 2021

Private Housing Policy 2021

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