A Great Deal Come Rain or Shine - Seafront Shelters Renovated

Deal Shelter 1

Seafront shelters are being renovated - Carl Ashington (left) from the repairs team is pictured with Cllr Oliver Richardson

A seaside shelter on Deal Seafront has been renovated by Dover District Council’s in-house repairs team – and another three of the popular local landmarks in the town are all set for a similar makeover this summer. 

The shelter on Deal Seafront has had a range of general repairs and decorations, including woodwork repairs, repainting, the renovation of the dedication plaque from 1960, and repairs to the windows. This is part of a series of improvements in the district being delivered from DDC’s Asset Maintenance Team. 

Cllr Oliver Richardson, DDC Cabinet Member for Corporate Property, said: “We continue to work hard to keep the district looking great for residents and visitors alike.  Deal Seafront is a beautiful location, and our teams are doing a marvellous job in renovating the shelters, while preserving the unique character and historic aspects of these popular and important assets.”

Posted on 29 June 2021

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