Protecting the Future - Major Boost for Sea Defences at St Margaret's Bay

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Key works costing at least £125,000 to help boost sea defences and continue to protect the area for the future, have been given the go ahead for St Margaret’s Bay, following a meeting of Dover District Council’s Cabinet on Monday, (1 November).

Cabinet agreed to spend funding from the Environment Agency on refurbishments to the sea defences at the popular local beauty spot in Dover District. The work will focus on repairing the 12 timber groynes at the location.

St Margaret’s Bay consists of 550m of enclosed shingle beach at the foot of the chalk white cliffs.  The area is part of the amazing Kent’s Heritage Coast, which was placed 4th on a list of the world’s best regions to visit in 2022.

A recent study found that repairs and safety works were needed. This led to funding of £125k for works from the Environment Agency, with a further £25k available to be claimed if required. It is hoped works could begin early next year.

It was also noted that some reinforcement has been exposed from the surface of the seawalls, and it’s intended that this will be repaired at the same time.

In 2014, DDC replaced the Kingsdown Beach timber groynes and it’s planned to use the surplus timber to repair the groynes at St Margaret’s Bay. All timber purchased by the council for sea defences is FSC certified from sustainable sources. 

Cllr Oliver Richardson, DDC Cabinet Member for Community and Corporate Property said: “We are very pleased to give the go ahead to this important project, and we continue to work hard with our partners to maintain our coastal defences and protect our communities for the future.”

For more information, please see the report to Cabinet, or for more information on coastal defences, please see our coast protection pages.

Posted on 03 November 2021

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