National Moment of Reflection - Sunday, 18 September 2022 (8pm)

National Moment of Reflection

Message from the Chairman of the Council

At 8pm on Sunday, 18 September communities across the United Kingdom will pause in a National Moment of Reflection on the eve of the State Funeral of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

During the minute’s silence we will have an opportunity to reflect on the remarkable lifetime of service which Her Majesty devoted to the United Kingdom, the Realms and Territories and to the Commonwealth.

It is also an opportunity to remember any personal experiences of meeting Her Majesty on her many visits to the district over the course of her long reign.

The Queen was sure in her faith and steadfast in her duty, bringing constancy through 70 years of change. We will remember Queen Elizabeth II with affection and gratitude and silently give thanks in our hearts for her unswerving devotion to us and to our Country.

You may wish to share this National Moment of Reflection with friends and family, or as part of the wider neighbourhood by coming out to observe the minute’s silence on your doorstep, or attending a community event.

There will also be a two-minute silence as part of the order of service for Her Majesty’s State Funeral on Monday, 19 September.

 Cllr Michael Conolly

Posted on 15 September 2022