Sigeric, Holey Stone or Leaky Vessel?

Medieval pilgrim tile

Vote now and help us name two ales being brewed to mark Dover's historic links with pilgrimage

Your chance to name Dover’s pilgrim ales!

Dover’s Breakwater Brewery is working in partnership with the organisers of the Kent Pilgrims’ Festival, Dover's historic Maison Dieu, and the Produced in White Cliffs Country brand of locally produced food and drink to create a golden ale and continental lager inspired by the Dover district’s long association with pilgrimage.

We need your help to put names to two new brews that will go on sale at the brewery’s taproom and several local pubs as part of the Kent Pilgrims’ Festival which runs from 21-25 September 2022 with many events across the Dover district.

Several historic pilgrim routes cross the county and pass through Dover, including the Pilgrims' Way and Via Francigena. The two beers are inspired by these historic pilgrim routes.

Golden Ale

Inspiration for the golden ale comes from the medieval pilgrim route from Dover to Canterbury, now part of the Pilgrims' Way. This passed by Dover’s historic Maison Dieu (House of God) which once gave poor medieval pilgrims bed and board for the night, and ale from its brewhouse to quench their thirst after a long day on the road. Many of the pilgrims were on their way to visit the shrine of St Thomas Becket at Canterbury Cathedral.

Continental Lager

The second beer, a continental lager takes its inspiration from the Via Francigena pilgrim route from Canterbury to Rome, which also passed through Dover before pilgrims set off for the Continent. It will include English, French, and Italian hops, three of the countries on the 1700km route.

This route was taken by several archbishops of Canterbury to collect their pallium or seal of office from the pope. One froze to death in the Alps. Another, Sigeric the Serious, wrote a detailed itinerary of his route, which still survives and is the basis for the popular Via Francigena pilgrim route which attracts thousands of pilgrims today.

Vote now! 

The Kent Pilgrims’ Festival team and Breakwater Brewery have produced a shortlist of three suggested names for each beer and would like you to make the final decision. Click here to vote for your favourites or take the poll via the Maison Dieu Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Posted on 10 August 2022

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