New roads in Aylesham get the Royal treatment

New roads Aylesham

Two new roads in Aylesham have been given the Royal treatment and bestowed regally themed names. 

Coronation Close and Windsor Way will form part of the Aylesham Garden Village development, with their names inspired by the King’s Coronation earlier this year. 

The village already has a Queens Road and Kings Road, which are located near to where the new streets will be. 

The two new roads, once completed, will form part of the final phase in the Garden Village development in the area by Station Field/Freddie’s Field. 

More than 1,000 new homes have already been built as part of the expansion of Aylesham, with the majority now occupied. 

The latest building work around Station Field/Freddie’s Field, Cooting Road and Ratling Road involves the construction of 290 homes and is the final phase in the 1,292-home development. 

Last year, 14 trees were planted in Aylesham in memory of HM Queen Elizabeth II and her remarkable 70-year reign. 

The trees form part of the Queen’s Green Canopy and have been planted in council parks and open spaces throughout the district. 

The range of ornamental trees include regally named specimens such as field maple ‘Queen Elizabeth’, Norway maple ‘Crimson King’ and sycamore ‘Leopoldii,’ named after the King of the Belgians. 




Posted on 26 June 2023

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