New life-saving defibrillator installed at Kearsney Abbey

New-life saving defibillator at Kearsney Abbey

Cllr Charlotte Zosseder with members of the Kearsney Parks team and the new defibrillator

A new defibrillator has been installed at Kearsney Abbey adding to the network of life-saving equipment across the district. 

The new Automated External Defibrillator (AED) has been fitted on the wall outside the cafe entrance and provides a lifeline to visitors in the unfortunate event of a medical emergency at the park. 

Defibrillators can increase a person’s chance of survival from cardiac arrest from around 5% to between 50% and 70%. Training is not required, although the odds of survival increase if the person using the equipment has been trained. 

Kearsney Parks staff are due to undergo training on the defibrillator. 

A defibrillator was installed at Dover Museum in October and last summer 100 people from 34 businesses and community groups in Dover, Deal and Sandwich took part in training sessions, organised by DDC in partnership with St John’s Ambulance and funded by the UK Shared Prosperity Fund. 

Cllr Charlotte Zosseder, cabinet member for community and corporate property at DDC, said: “We welcome thousands of visitors to Kearsney Parks every year therefore it's important to have this life-saving equipment at such a key location. 

“In the crucial minutes during a cardiac arrest, it is vital that a defibrillator can be accessed quickly.” 

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Posted on 16 February 2024

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