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Which application do I need?

The Building Regulations require you to notify us that you intend to carry out building work.

There are two types of applications plus you can also apply for approval after work has been carried out (known as regularisation).

Building Notice or Full Plans application?

Main points of the two types of application.

types of application
 Building NoticeFull Plans 
  • Valid application needs to be submitted only 48 hours before work commences
  • Recommended for less complex projects
  • Only drawing required at submission is a block plan at a scale of 1:1250
  • Structural calculations may still be required
  • A Building Notice cannot be submitted for work to: 
    • a commercial building
    • form flats with a communal area
    • build an extension which will be within 3meters of the Water Utilities drains
  • For more complex projects the Building Notice fee exceeds a Full Plans fee 
  • Full architectural drawings and specification required at submission
  • The application will be checked prior to work commencing. This is approximately a 3 week process
  • A Full Plans application is recommended for more complex projects
  • Checked, fully compliant drawings used on site reduce errors/mistakes with the build and reduce required site visit from Building Control


The building control application process


Text version of the above diagram:

  • Application is submitted and processed
    • Building Notice acceptance is issued stating if further information is required or
    • Full Plans decision notice with conditions regarding non-compliance/queries within the drawings if applicable 
  • Further information supplied as requested (if applicable)
  • Site inspections carried out as per Inspection Schedule attached to decision
  • Works completed satisfactorily on site and all completion paperwork submitted
  • Completion Certificate issued

If the work has already been carried out

We can still sign off the work retrospectively. This is called a regularisation application.

Work can only be regularised if the work was carried out after 11 November 1985.

Depending on the nature of the work, you may be required to uncover certain elements of the work that have been covered up.


If you think that your project may be exempt please complete our enquiry form and we will confirm either way.


Apply for approval

There are two ways to apply online for approval

submit  plan1. Use the Submit-a-plan service »

LABC Portal2. Use the LABC portal »

The LABC portal also allows you to apply for additional services as well as your Building Regulation Application.



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