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What happens if?...

What happens when work is started?

When the work starts we must be notified.

The regulations require notification to be given before covering stages of work, occupation and on completion of the building. This is the builder's responsibility unless you are acting as your own builder.

Inspections of the works are normally made on the same day that the notification is received providing notification is given before 10am. Notification can also be given by telephoning 01304 872495, when it will usually be possible to arrange the time when the inspection will be made. It is important that the stage of work is not covered before it can be inspected.

What happens when the building work is finished?

On Completion of the works, and before the building becomes Occupied the builder should obtain a Certificate of Completion from us. This Certificate will be issued after a final inspection has been made of completed work, and provides an assurance that the work satisfies the substantive requirements of the Building Regulations. This Certificate will be of great importance in applications for loans, mortgages etc. In the case of dwellings, an energy rating and/or details should be provided.

What is a " L.A.N.T.A.C. " type approval?

An approval issued by Local Authority Building Control in relation to standard designs for houses, warehouses, factory units, shops, offices, hotels and give system approval for standard methods of construction. We are s a participating members of the National Type approval scheme, which ensures consistent and fast approval, on type approved projects.

What happens if I do work without approval?

We must see that building work complies with the regulations. If the work does not comply, you may be asked to alter or remove it. If you fail to do this, we may serve a notice requiring you to do so or could take court action resulting in a fine (and in some cases a continuing daily penalty).

What happens if a structure is dangerous?

In an emergency immediate action may be required to make a building safe using procedure contained in the Building Acts. In less dangerous situations the owner is given the opportunity to take the necessary steps to make the buildings safe, but should he fail to carry out the work, we may obtain a court order or undertake the work and recover the cost from the owner.



In an emergency call 01304 821199

Do I need approval before demolishing a building?



If you want to demolish buildings in excess of approximately 50 cubic metres are you must give us six weeks prior notification.  

An inspection may be made of the building to be demolished and a notice will be sent to the person concerned, specifying certain works which must be carried out - such as disconnecting, sealing or removing drains, supporting and weather-proofing exposed walls, and the removal of rubbish from the demolition to leave the site level and free from danger. If the work is not carried out satisfactorily, we can undertake the work and recover the cost.


Tel: 01304 872495

Email: buildingcontrol@dover.gov.uk