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Evidence Base: Economy

Evidence on employment includes the following studies, plans and strategies.

  • Employment Land Review (GVA Grimley) April 2009

    The review sets out future needs (to 2026) for employment floorspace for industrial premises and offices in Dover.

  • Employment Update Report (Scott Brownrigg) Sept 2012

    The study reviews the evidence base underpinning our employment policies and site allocations in light of changing economic circumstances and the introduction of the NPPF.

  • Sustainability Appraisal for Land Development (Scott Brownrigg) Sept 2012

    Sustainability appraisal of 17 employment sites within the Dover District.

  • Economic Development Needs Assessment Final Report March 2017

    The EDNA provides the Council with up-to-date evidence on the economic development needs for the District over the period 2014 - 2037. This study will underpin the Local Plan review


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