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Ash Neighbourhood Plan

Ash Neighbourhood Development Plan made September 2021 The Ash Neighbourhood Plan was made part of our Development Plan by the Council on the 15 September 2021 following a successful Referendum on the 22 July 2021. It will be used alongside the adopted planning documents when making decisions about planning applications in the neighbourhood area.

Ash Parish Council

Ash NDP Final Plan Sept 2021

Ash Neighbourhood Plan Referendum  

Following revisions to the Ash Neighbourhood Plan that incorporated the Examiners recommended modifications, Dover District Council issued its decision to send the Plan to referendum on the 8 June 2021

Ash Neighbourhood Plan Examination 

The Ash Neighbourhood Plan was considered through the Examination, written representations procedure from February to April 2021, by an independent examiner appointed by the Council, in agreement with the Ash Neighbourhood Plan group.  The Examiners' report was published on the 5th May 2021 and concluded that subject to the modifications set out in the report, the Neighbourhood Plan meets the Basic Conditions and recommended that the Plan, once modified, proceed to referendum. 

Examiners' Final Report 

Examination correspondence between the Neighbourhood Plan Examiner and Ash Neighbourhood Plan Group. 

Examiner Procedural Matters and Questions Ash NDP 08/02/2021

Ash NDP Final Policies November 2020 Reply to examiner version 2 February 2021

Table of Changes Examiner Requests February 2021

Words on nutrient neutrality-1

Ash Neighbourhood Plan Regulation 16

The Ash Neighbourhood Plan underwent its pre-examination Regulation 16 consultation from Tuesday 1st December 2020, to 5pm Friday 15th January 2021. The documents consulted upon were:   

Representations made to the Regulation 16 consultation:

Representations can also be viewed via the consultation portal at: 

The Ash Neighbourhood Area was designated in February 2013: