Black box

Recycling Black BoxPlease use your black box to recycle paper and cardboard.

What goes in your black box: newspapers, magazines, junk mail, directories, catalogues, envelopes, cardboard, cereal Boxes, paper bags. What doesnt: hardback books, greeting cards with metallic finishes, drinks cartons, wrapping paper with a metallic finish. 

Large cardboard should be broken down into 'dustbin sized' pieces and placed safely near your black box for collection.

Keep your personal and confidential information safe

To ensure all confidential and personal information is safe it is best to remove or shred it into cardboard boxes if possible before placing out for collection. 

More on paper and card recycling

 Things not to put in your back box; Cans, plastic bottles, glass, food waste, wrapping paper with a metallic finish, garden waste

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