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Clinical Waste


Some household clinical waste can be disposed of in your normal non-recyclable bin collections.

Items allowed in your black bin

  • disposable nappies, items used to dispose of urine, faeces and other bodily fluids
  • incontinence pads, used disposable bed pans and bed pan liners
  • stoma bags
  • empty urine containers where there is no risk of blood contamination

Syringes and needles

Used needles must NEVER be:

  • disposed of in the domestic waste stream (even if put inside other containers) as this could present serious hazards to staff
  • bent or broken before disposal, and you must never try to recap a needle

You should use a 'sharps bin' to dispose of used needles or sharps. A sharps bin is a specially designed rigid box with a lid that's available on prescription (FP10 prescription form) from your GP or pharmacist.    

Syringes can be returned to local chemists, who will take the full container:

  • Paydens Ltd, 17 Queen Street, Deal
  • Clockwork Pharmacy, 7 High Street, Deal
  • Cairns Chemist (Vantage ), 51 London Road, Dover
  • Paydens Chemist, 108 High Street, Dover
  • River Pharmacy, 1 Chilton Way, River

Syringes and needles found in public places

We will collect any syringes found in a public place as a priority. Most syringes are collected within 12 hours of reporting.

Report discarded needles »


Alternatively call:

  • 01304 872428 during office hours
  • 01304 872070 out of office hours

Arrange or cancel a clinical waste collection 

This is a free service but must be requested and organised through a District Nurse, Health Visitor or Doctor.

Use our form to:

  • Apply for a new clinical waste collection
  • Cancel or suspend an existing arrangement 
  • Request an additional collection
  • Arrange for a sharps box collection
  • Apply for an additional refuse bin for medical reasons

Clinical waste collection application »