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Recycling Collection FAQs

Blue lidded bin

You can recycle

  • glass and plastic bottles and jars (including lids)
  • tins and cans
  • plastic food containers (but not plastic film or bag)

Unwanted plastics (we can't recycle these)

 Thin plastics like bread bags, grape bags, magazine wraps, crisp bags, frozen vegetable  bags, shrink wrap plastic that might hold 6 cans of baked beans etc.

Example: If you buy a tub of tomatoes the wrapping is refuse but the tub is recyclable.

Please remember

  • Place everything loose in your new bin
  • Rinse out all containers
  • Place jar lids in your recycling bin
  • Please keep bottle tops on for safety reasons
  • Polystyrene is currently not recyclable and should go into your refuse bin
  • Bins contaminated with refuse will not be emptied