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Missed Bin Collections

FOOD WASTE - Separate collections

Food waste is collected on the same day as your refuse or recycling but using a different freighter. It will be at a different time. Please ensure your bins are out for collection by 7am

Collections are made between the hours of 7am and 4pm, or later if there are unexpected delays or vehicle breakdowns.

Please report any missed collections the following day unless you are certain that your collection has been missed.

Black sacks will not be collected

Waste left out in sacks other than the DDC purple sacks will NOT be collected. These are not missed and will be left by our contractor.

Recycling Bins

Recycling will not be collected if it is contaminated, in particular those containing:

  • black sacks
  • soft plastics including bags
  • electrical waste
  • nappy waste

Garden waste - subscribers only

Please use this form to report missed collections.


I have read the above and want to report a missed collection »

We are aware that the following roads have not had collections:

There are delays with garden waste services currently. Please leave your bags out until emptied. We are currently a day behind but are collecting on Saturday to catch up.

. Keep Me Posted.