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How to use your blue lidded wheeled bin

blue lidded bin

You can recycle

  • glass and plastic bottles and jars (including lids)
  • tins and cans
  • plastic food containers (but not plastic film or bag)

Unwanted plastics (we can't recycle these)

  • Thin plastics like bread bags, grape bags, magazine wraps, crisp bags, frozen vegetable bags, shrink wrap plastic that might hold 6 cans of baked beans etc - Please note that most supermarkets are now able to recycle these materials, please take these materials back to your local supermarket to recycle them.
  • Hard plastics like children toys, buckets, mop handles, tupperwear cannot be recycled at the kerbside. Please take these items to your nearest household waste recycling site. 
  • Polystyrene is currently not recyclable and should go into your refuse bin

Please remember

  • Place everything loose in your new bin
  • Rinse out all containers
  • Keep lids on for safety reasons
  • Bins contaminated with refuse will not be emptied


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