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Garden waste service set to roll out wheeled bins


What is being proposed

The Council is set to introduce new wheeled bins for its garden waste collection service from April 2024, changing from the previous garden waste sacks.

Why is this being proposed

The collection crews are exposed to increased risk of musculo-skeletal injuries when the garden waste collection sacks exceed the maximum permitted weight of 20kg.  The wheeled bins will also make it easier and safer for householders to move garden waste. It is proposed to replace the reusable sacks with a wheeled bin in line with other Kent authorities.

When is this happening

The changes were agreed by DDC Cabinet in September 2023 and take effect from April 2024.

What is the capacity of the new wheeled bins/How does this compare to the old scheme

The new garden waste wheeled bins will be 240L which brings us in line with other Kent authorities.  Under the previous scheme, subscribers could present up to 6 bags per collection, each up to a maximum weight of 20kg.

The scheme will continue to provide a 25 alternative week service.

Will I be able to put out a garden waste sack as well as a wheeled bin for collection

The collection crews will only collect garden waste contained within the wheeled bin, any side waste presented in garden waste sacks will not be cleared.

What should I do with my existing garden waste sacks?

Residents are able to keep their garden waste sacks for their own personal use. If you do not require use of the garden waste sacks anymore, you can dispose of the garden waste sacks inside your general refuse wheeled bin or at your nearest Kent County Council Household Waste site.

How much will the service cost

Each subscription to the 2024/25 garden waste collection service costs £62.65 and provides 25 collections of a 240L wheeled-bin.

Will I have to pay for the new container

Existing garden waste service customers resubscribing to the revised garden waste scheme for 2024/25 will be provided with one free wheeled-bin per household if you renew before 31st March 2024. For additional subscriptions at an existing subscriber’s household, and for all new customers joining the service from and including the 2024/25 service year, wheeled-bins will be chargeable.

Can I purchase/request more than one garden waste bin?

Residents will be able to purchase more than one garden waste bin if they wish to. You will need to purchase another garden waste subscription and another garden waste bin if you wish to have collections from more than one garden waste bin. To order a second or further subscriptions and bins please contact the Call Centre on 01304 821199 for assistance.

How do I know if I can have a garden waste wheeled bin? 

In order for us to provide you a wheeled bin, bins must be stored within your property between collections, and not left on the public footway. As with other household collections, we are unable to move garden waste bins up or down steps.

Assisted Collections

If you currently have wheeled-bins for your refuse and recycling and have an assisted collection, you will also be eligible for a garden waste wheeled-bin and your assisted collection will extend to that too.  If you have purple sacks for your refuse and have an assisted collection, but can accommodate a wheeled-bin within your property – and without the need to move it up/down steps - then you are eligible for a garden waste bin and assisted collection.

What happens if a property is unable to accommodate a wheeled bin

For existing customers that are unable to accommodate a wheeled-bin, or their property cannot be accessed safely or sufficiently closely by the collection vehicle, we are unable to provide the garden waste service to you. Garden waste can be taken to your local household waste recycling site, to book a slot, click here.