Cloth Nappies

Why use cloth nappies?

range of colourful cloth nappiesBy using cloth nappies you really are helping the environment. Disposable nappies are a one-use item for which no recycling facility currently exists in the UK.

Cloth nappies tend to have a soft, snug fit around babies waist and legs making them very reliable even for the most active babies.

Modern disposables are so small when unused, because they operate by containing super absorber granules. Once used, the nappies swell to many times their original size and weights, as the granules turn into gel by interaction with the child’s urine. Cloth nappies are comparatively bulky when dry, but do not grow in size when wet, just get a little heavier. They work by absorbing the urine into the fabric. Cloth nappies are a more natural product against the skin and therefore parents have more direct control over their child’s chemical environment.

A variety of cloth nappies are now available for today’s babies. They range from simple cotton squares to all in ones that fasten with VELCRO or poppers.

Cloth nappies provide maximum comfort, reliability and efficiency for your baby. They are soft against baby’s delicate skin, made from the latest high performance breathable but leak proof materials, and durable enough to last several children.