Home Composting

boy with compost binWhy home compost?

  • Home composting allows you to dispose of organic waste at home.
  • It reduces the amount of organic waste in your dustbin, waste that may end up in landfill.
  • It saves money by reducing the need to buy soil improvers or conditioners.
  • It improves the soil quality in the garden by adding nutrients to feed plants and helps the soil retain moisture.

Home composting helps the environment because:

When waste is sent to landfill, air cannot get to the organic waste. Therefore as the waste breaks down it creates a harmful greenhouse gas, methane, which damages the Earth's atmosphere. However, when this same waste is composted above ground at home, oxygen helps the waste to decompose aerobically which means hardly any methane is produced, which is good news for the planet.

What can be home composted?

Garden waste can be composted at home in a compost bin or compost heap.

what can be home composted?
  • Fruit and vegetable peelings
  • Grass cuttings
  • Tea bags and coffee grounds
  • Egg Shells
  • Weeds
  • Rabbit and guinea pig bedding
  • Leaves
  • Shredded paper and card
  • Wood ash
  • Sawdust
  • Meat, fish and bones
  • Coal Ash
  • Nappies
  • Dog and cat litter
  • Metal, glass and plastics

  • Dairy products

  • Diseased plants


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