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Water Saving Advice

Protecting our liquid asset!

water buttHere are a few simple ways of saving water.

  • Just use less – imagine having to carry it from the standpipe down the road
  • Only flush the toilet when you need to
  • Put a device to reduce the amount of water used to flush the toilet
  • Don’t leave the tap running whilst brushing your teeth
  • Have a short shower, not a bath
  • Do your washing up in a bowl, not the dishwasher
  • Collect a full load before using the washing machine
  • Store rain water from roofs in water butts.
  • Clean your car with rain water or ‘grey’ water (from the bath) using just one bucket for washing and one bucket for rinsing.
  • If you must water the garden, do it in the evening to avoid evaporation, using rain water not a hosepipe
  • Put saucers under plant containers in the garden to catch and store rain water

Water Resources

  • Advice on the latest situation on water resources is available from Affinity Water

Purchase Water Butts

To order a reduced priced compost bin, water butt or accessories please:

What we are doing

We have been addressing this issue for some time. Electronic flush systems and waterless urinals were installed a number of years ago to reduce the amount of water used. Automatic flushing systems in high use public conveniences save 33-44% of water and automatic urinal controls save 70-90% of water.

Bedding plants used throughout the district are chosen to ensure they are suitable for drier times, and will be planted with 'swell gel' to maximise the holding of moisture. Showers at the leisure centres are heat sensitive so only work when needed.


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