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A new experience for accessing your services

A new Resident and Customer Portal for Environmental Protection, Environmental Crime, Private Sector Housing, Anti-social Behaviour, Licensing, and some waste services has gone live.


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What Services does this Involve?  

  • Environmental Protection, i.e. noise nuisance   

  • Environmental Crime, i.e. reporting dog fouling   

  • Private Sector Housing, i.e. reporting empty homes  

  • Anti-social Behaviour, i.e. reporting street drinking  

  • Licensing, applying for a Temporary Event Notice  

  • Waste services Clinical Waste Collection  

What benefits will the project bring? 

  • Being able to use these services at a time that suits you 24/7  

  • The ability to log and view requests online for some of the above services from day one, with new services add in time.  

  • Improved and more accurate reporting on how issues are dealt with enabling us to improve services further.    

  • Better and more accurate data with inbuilt retention functionality for GDPR compliance.  

How will this affect me?  

  • If you have used these services in the past, they may look slightly different now  

  • If you need to use them, make sure you are prepared as you may need to log into the citizen portal before reporting some issues online  

  • There will be a short period between 8/1/24 and 23/1/24 when the switch over is occurring when requests may take longer than usual.  We would ask that you are patient during this time or to avoid logging requests if that is possible. 

How will you help me use these new services?  

  • The services have been designed to be self-explanatory, however, please refer to the videos below for assistance: 


How to register on the new Portal

How to use the new Portal

If you are having problems using the new service please contact us