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Alcohol Premises Permits

We issue gaming machine permits for category C or D gaming machines in pubs and other alcohol licensed premises.

Two machines or less

Pubs and other alcohol licensed premises can purchase a permit for up to two category C or D gaming machines. 


Permit: £50

Annual fee: none

The premises licence holder must not allow any person under the age of 18 years to use a category C machine.

We may withdraw the automatic entitlement to two machines if:

  • the application of the exemption is not reasonably consistent with the pursuit of the licensing objectives
  • the premises are mainly used or to be used for gaming
  • an offence under the Gambling Act 2005 has been committed on the premises

We must must:

  • give 21 days notice of the intention to make such an order
  • consider any representations made by the premises licence holder
  • hold a hearing if requested to do so by the premises licence holder
  • comply with the prescribed procedure in making such an order

Three or more gaming machines

Pubs and other alcohol licensed premises must apply for a permit if they wish to have more than two gaming machines of category C or D.


  • Grant of permit: £150
  • Annual fee: £50

A permit may be transferred on transfer of the premises licence. 

We may refuse an application or grant for a lesser number of machines if we consider the licensing objectives and any relevant guidance are not being adhered to.

A permit may not be refused or partially refused unless the applicant has been given the opportunity of making oral and/or written representations to the Licensing Sub-Committee

A permit may be terminated for the same reasons as the withdrawal of the automatic entitlement to two machines.


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