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Gambling: Personal Licences

In order to obtain a premises licence an operator must first apply to the Gambling Commission for:

  • A personal licence
  • An operators licence

There are two types of personal licence

Personal Management Licence (PML)

Where a person occupies a specified management office in respect of the holder of an operating licence they will require a Personal Management Licence (PML). The management roles include:

  • overall strategy and delivery of gambling operations
  • financial planning, control and budgeting
  • marketing and commercial development
  • regulatory compliance
  • gambling-related IT provision and security

Where the organisation is a large, regional based, operation both the regional managers and the on-site managers will require a Personal Management Licence.

The licence will remain in force until revoked by the Gambling Commission

Personal Functional Licence (PFL)

A Personal Functional Licence (PFL) is required by individuals who perform any function:

  • which enables them to influence the outcome of gambling
  • relating to the receiving or paying of money in connection with gambling

e.g. Casino dealer/croupier, casino cashier, casino inspector, casino pit boss/gaming supervisor, casino security/surveillance related to gambling activities.

The licence will remain in force until revoked by the Gambling Commission

Exemptions for Small Operators

Operators of small-scale gambling establishments may apply for an exemption to the requirement for a personal licence.

You are a small scale operator if, in relation to the activity authorised by your licence, you have no more than 3 “qualifying positions” each of which is occupied by a “qualified person”.

Qualifying positions are those whose occupants have the primary responsibility in your business for any of the following:

  • management of the licensed activity
  • management of your financial affairs
  • ensuring you comply with the requirements of the Act
  • marketing the licensed activity
  • management of information technology facilities used in the provision of the licensed activity
  • management of the licensed activity for a particular locality or area in Great Britain in which you have 5 or more sets of premises for which you hold a premises licence
  • management of a single set of casino or bingo licensed premises

Qualified persons are those:

  • named on your operating licence as holding a qualifying position or
  • who are the subject of an application to vary the licence to add their name as a person holding a qualifying position

You should note that if subsequently you have more than 3 people in these posts for a period of more than 28 days or two periods each of more than 14 days where one such period occurs within 28 days of the other, you will lose the exemption and you should notify the Gambling Commission of the change.

More information in respect of personal licences including fees is available from the Gambling Commission.


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