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Small Society Lotteries

Small Society lotteries are lotteries promoted for the benefit of a non-commercial society with no private gain.

In order to qualify as a Small Society Lottery:

  • at least 20% of the proceeds are applied to a purpose for which the society is conducted
  • it must not be possible for the purchaser of a ticket to win more than £25,000 whether in money, money's worth or a mixture of both
  • the prize may be rolled over, but only if each other lottery to which the prize is rolled over is also a small society lottery
  • the total value of tickets sold in a single lottery is £20,000 or less
  • the aggregate value of tickets sold in any year shall not exceed £250,000


  • The promoting organisation must be registered with Dover District Council 
  • Notification of any registration will be sent to the Gambling Commission.
  • The fee is £40 for a grant and £20 for an annual renewal
  • All Small Society Lottery licences expire on 31 December each year


Small Society Lottery application »



We must refuse applications for registration if an Operating Licence held by the applicant has been refused or revoked in the previous 5 years.

We can refuse an application if we believe:

  • the applicant is not a non-commercial society
  • any person who will, or may be, connected to the promotion of the lottery has been convicted of a relevant offence
  • the information provided in or in support of the application is false or misleading


We may revoke the registered status of a society if we believe that they would have been compelled or entitled to refuse an application for registration had it been made at that time.

The society may make representations as to why revocation should not take place.

We will provide reasons and an outline of the evidence that gives rise to consideration of a revocation of the registration.


Any appeal against a refusal to grant or the revocation of a registration must be made to a Magistrates Court within 21 days of receiving notice of the decision.

The Magistrates may:

  • affirm the decision of Dover District Council
  • reverse the decision of Dover District Council
  • make any other order


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