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Scrap Metal Dealers

Pile of scrap metal

You must have a licence to carry out business as a scrap metal dealer (including motor salvage operators).

There are two types of licence specified in the Act:

Site licence

All the sites where a licensee carries on business as a scrap metal dealer have to be identified and a have a site manager. This licence allows the licensee to transport scrap metal to and from those sites from any local authority area.

Collector’s licence

This allows the licensee to operate as a collector in the Dover district. It does not allow the collector to operate in any other local authority area, so a separate licence has to be obtained from each council the collector wishes to operate in. The licence does not authorise the licensee to operate a site - to do so they will need a site licence from the relevant local authority.

You can only hold one type of licence

You can only hold one type of licence in any one local authority area, so you can only apply for site licence or a mobile collector’s licence from the same council.


Licences last for three years.


Scrap metal dealer fees





(change of name/address)



(change of vehicle)

Replacement Licence

(Change of Manger)

Site Licence







Collectors Licence









***Alert for scrap collectors (January 2020)*** We are aware of an organisation who are claiming that collectors who collect by means of appointment do not require a licence, but should register with an organisation called the 'National Metal Agency'. We have received advice on this matter which has confirmed that this advice is incorrect and could leave collectors at risk of prosecution. Additionally it has been noted that the 'National Metal Agency' referenced is not a government, industry, or police organisation and registration with them has no bearing on the requirements of the Act.

Trading without a licence is a criminal offence

The maximum penalty on conviction at Court for operating without the correct licence is an unlimited fine.

We may revoke a licence at any time and close unlicensed sites.


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