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Street collections / sales

You must have a permit to collect money or sell articles on the street for charity.

The permit is a legal requirement to ensure:

  • collectors are properly authorised
  • the money is collected in a secure way
  • the total proceeds collected are properly accounted for

We cannot authorise collections without the authorisation of a charity.  Only one charity is permitted to collect in a town centre location at any one time.  Each charity is only allowed one collection in each area per year. 

Permits will only be granted for Saturdays.

The permit is free of charge but you must apply at least one month before your collection/sale.


Apply for a street collection permit »


After the event

Within one month of the sale/collection please submit your return form.


Street collection permit return »


Contact the Licensing Section

Telephone: 01304 872295

Email: licensing@dover.gov.uk