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Tattooing / Piercing / Electrolysis / Acupuncture

You must be registered to carry out any of the following types of activities:

  • acupuncture
  • tattooing
  • skin-piercing
  • electrolysis
  • semi permanent skin colouring

Both you and your premises must be registered. If you operate from different locations your business operating centre must be the registered address. If you move you must register the new premises. Each practitioner carrying out the licensable activity must also be registered as a person.

You must not conduct the above activities until your registration has been approved. 

How to register

  • Personal registration form 
  • Following with a qualification certificate for the activity you are applying for
  • Fee £110
  • Premises registration form 
  • Following with the public liability insurance for the premises
  • Fee £250

 Your application will be shared with the health and safety officer who will then arrange an inspection to ensure the premises meets     cleanilness and health and safety requirements. 

Once you are registered you do not need to renew your licence unless you change premises. 

Byelaw with respect to acupuncture, cosmetic skin piercing, tattooing, semi-permanent skin-colouring and electrolysis:

Tattoo Hygiene Rating Scheme »

You can showcase how clean and hygienically you operate by volunteering to be part of the Tattoo Hygiene Rating Scheme.



 Tattooing and Piercing Toolkit
Tattooing and Body Piercing Guidance Toolkit

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