Cemetery Charges

Cemetery charges
Maintenance     £62.00
Maintenance and Planting     £123.00
Walled Graves and Vaults     To be set at time of burial 
Purchase of Grave Space - These fees will be doubled for non-residents  
    - Adult £775.00
    - Child under 12 years no fee
    - Child in Children’s Cemetery Area no fee
Purchase of Cremation Grave (This fee will be doubled for non-residents.)   £216.00
Use of Chapel     £175.00
Garden of Remembrance - right to erect a tablet     £103.00
Search in Burial Register (to be charged when time involved exceeds one hour)     £64.00
Right to erect a memorial not exceeding 1.06 metres in height, 0.76 metres in width and 0.45 metres in depth     £206.00
Vase not exceeding 0.30 metres in height or tablet not exceeding 0.25 metres (including a tablet for a stillborn child) with only the name or initials, date of death and age of person inscribed   £92.50
Right to place on any flagstone, headstone, kerbstone, borderstone, inscribed vase, tablet or monument, each further inscription     £82.00
Replacement of a headstone with a new headstone     £46.50
Right to place kerb (depending upon location within cemetery)   £437.50
Interment Charge60
Internment charges
Interment of cremated remains in any grave £216.00
Interment of a stillborn child or child under 6 months £64.00
Interment of a child exceeding 6 months but under 12 years £277.00
Interment of an adult or child exceeding 12 years 
  - Single Depth - New Grave £925.00
  - Single Depth - Re-open £720.00
Interment of an adult or child exceeding 12 years 
  - Double Depth - New Grave


  - Double Depth - Re-open


Interment of an adult or child exceeding 12 years Triple Depth £1,340.00
One off contribution for maintenance for coffin burials £252.00
One off contribution for maintenance for cremated remains £97.50


The above interment charges apply where the person to be interred is, or immediately before death was a resident in the Dover District Council area, or in the case of a stillborn child, where the parents (or one of them) are residents of the district. In all other cases with the exception of burials in previously purchased graves, the charges will be doubled.

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