Cemetery Locations

Dover District Council Cemeteries

Cemetery Locations
TownName of CemeteryLocationDate OpenedStatus
Aylesham Aylesham Cemetery Barham Downs, Aylesham near Canterbury 1933 Open
Deal Deal Cemetery Hamilton Road, Deal May 1856 Open
Dover Buckland Cemetery St. Andrew's Church, Buckland, Dover pre-1857 Closed
Dover Charlton Cemetery Old Charlton Road, Dover 23 November, 1873 Open
Dover Cowgate Cemetery Cowgate Hill, Dover 16 April, 1837 Closed
Dover St. James's Cemetery Old Charlton Road, Dover 29 January, 1855 Open
Dover St. Mary's Cemetery Old Charlton Road, Dover 21 May 1870 Open
Sandwich Sandwich Cemetery Woodnesborough Road, Sandwich 1856 Open


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