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Cemetery Regulations

  • Requests for interments must be made at least 72 hours prior to burial
  • Times for burials are 9am to 3.30pm Monday to Friday
  • No burials will take place on Saturday, Sunday, Christmas Day and any Bank Holiday except under special circumstances
  • A register of graves and maps of the cemeteries are held at the Council offices


  • Graves spaces are allocated at the discretion of the Council
  • Graves cannot be reopened without proof of ownership
  • Walled graves and vaults are dealt with under special circumstances
  • Burials take place under regulations laid down in the Law of Burial, Cremation and Exhumations and The Local Authorities’ Cemetery Order 1977
  • No scattering of ashes is allowed

Exclusive Rights of Burial

  • Burial rights to a grave can be leased for 100 years by way of a Deed of Grant.
  • This Grant is a legal document to be kept in a safe place. All changes of address should be notified to the Council
  • Rights can be transferred by the owner, or on the death of the owner – please contact the Council for the correct procedure.


  • Approval for the erection of a memorial must be obtained from the Council
  • The Council reserves the right to refuse unsuitable wording
  • All memorials are to be installed in accordance with NAMM current Code of Working Practice and BS 8415 for the erection of memorials
  • Memorials are at all times the responsibility of the owner
  • The Council is not responsible for any damage caused except as a direct result of negligence of its employees

Grave Maintenance

  • Flowers/wreaths may be placed on the grave but these will be removed after a reasonable time.
  • Any flower holders must be of non-breakable material.
  • No glass or ceramic vases or ornaments to be placed on graves
  • No glass beads, aggregate, edging, windmills, wind chimes and lanterns to be placed on any grave. The Council reserves the right to remove these
  • Any plants should be restricted to the headstone border and of a suitable species
  • Any overgrown shrubs or plants in borders will be cut back or removed for ease of maintenance
  • NO widening of the borders should be carried out
  • The Council can arrange the planting and maintenance of graves for an annual fee. Please contact the Property, Leisure and Waste Management department for details
  • The Council reserves the right to alter or make additions to the regulations when necessary

For a booklet of the full version of Dover District Council’s Cemetery Regulations please contact Joanne Hadfield on 01304 872458 or email burials@dover.gov.uk


Telephone: 01304 872458

Email: burials@dover.gov.uk