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Memorial Benches


We can install benches on council owned land. 

As an alternative to memorial benches along Deal & Walmer seafront, we also provide memorial plaques.

If you are considering a bench in one of our parks please contact us to discuss before submitting your application.

To check where there is currently space please contact our property services team:

Costs - Exclusive of VAT

Benches are supplied by Woodcraft UK

  • Mendip 6ft bench with brackets: £762
  • Engraving
    • Directly onto the wooden bench: £2.20 per letter
    • Brass plaque: £50
    • Stainless Steel plaque: £62
  • Finishing
    • Teak oiling (two coats): £42
    • Alfresco Protection (two coats)  £92
    • Natural Wood: £0
  • Delivery: £54
  • Installation: £90 - £160 depending on the site and ground conditions
  • Administration: £210


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We aim to have benches installed within 8 weeks.

Bench Conditions

  • We can only supply and install benches on Dover District Council owned or managed land. We will check the suitability of the site you have requested when we receive the application.  
  • All maintenance of commemorative benches will be the responsibility of the purchaser.  Only teak oil, brown woodstain or brown wood preservative may be used on the benches. No other colour is permitted.  Should the bench become damaged we will try to contact the owner before it is removed and we will not be obliged to fund its replacement.
  • We accept no responsibility for the theft of any bench, but will report any incident of theft to the Police and will assist in any criminal proceedings which may follow.
  • We will confirm total costs prior to placing any order.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any application and reserve the right to remove the bench if the invoice is not paid in full within 14 days, however the purchaser will remain liable to pay the costs of providing and removing the bench.
  • It is prohibited to attach any container, flowers, lights or trinkets to a memorial your bench.

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