• All applications for memorials must be submitted to the Property, Leisure and Waste Management department for approval
  • No memorial shall be erected without the prior approval of the Council
  • The Council reserves the right to refuse permission for a memorial where the inscription is unsuitable
  • Any contractor working in the Council’s cemeteries must hold and maintain a policy of public liability insurance for no less than 5 million pounds
  • The number and section of the grave must be cut in 16mm letters on the rear bottom right hand corner of the memorial, other than a vase
  • No work to be carried out to memorials on Sundays or Bank Holidays
  • Kerb surrounds are only allowed in older parts of the cemeteries and must be installed in accordance with the regulations
  • A memorial should at all times be able to withstand 35kg of pressure when tested
  • It should be clearly explained to the purchaser of a memorial what their responsibilities are regarding that memorial


  • All memorials must be installed in accordance with the National Association of Memorial Masons (NAMM) current Code of Working Practice and BS 8415 for the installation of memorials including the use of ground anchor support fixing systems.
  • Only ground anchors tested and approved by NAMM are allowed
  • Memorials should be placed in line with the centre head position of the grave
  • Memorials should also be in line with other memorials in the row especially within the headstone borders
  • NO widening of the headstone border will be allowed and any problems with borders should be reported to the Council as soon as possible
  • All bases within borders should be installed with the top flush with the ground level of the excavated border
  • All waste materials e.g. broken pieces of concrete or spoil must be removed from site
  • Memorials removed for whatever reason must be reinstalled under the NAMM regulations and BS 8415 including the use of a ground anchor
  • A Memorial Mason must notify the office of the Property, Leisure and Waste Management at least 7 working days giving a time scale prior to the installation of a memorial. Random inspections of installations may take place
  • A minimum of 4 photographs showing the installation procedure giving proof of date and time must be sent by email to within 5 working days

Permitted sizes of headstones and borders

The maximum size of headstones shall be as follows:

  • Cremation graves

    Not exceeding 75cm (30”) high from the concrete base (including the plinth), and the concrete base no greater than 75cm (30”) wide and depth no greater than 45cm (18”) . The headstone borders are 60cm (24”) wide.

  • Ashes plots

    Tablet or vase is allowed but may not exceed 25cm (10”) x 25 cm (10”) within the headstone border of 30 cm (12”) wide

  • Children’s Garden

    Memorials are allowed but must not exceed 45cm (18”) high with a base 50cm (20”) wide. The headstone borders are 60cm (24”)wide.

  • Headstone Borders

    Memorials not exceeding 115cm (45”) high from the concrete base, (including plinth), with a base no wider than 76cm (30”) and depth no greater than 45cm (18”).

    The headstone borders are 60cm (24”) wide.

  • Ordinary Grave Plots

    Memorials allowed as per headstone borders

Ashes areas

Ashes areas (one interment) are available in

  • Hamilton Road Cemetery, Deal
  • St Mary’s Cemetery, Dover
  • Aylesham Cemetery

Cremation Areas

  • Cremation areas (four interments) are available in:

    Hamilton Road Cemetery, Deal

  • St Mary’s Cemetery, Dover
  • Boatman’s Hill Cemetery, Sandwich
  • Aylesham Cemetery


Tablets in the Garden of Remembrance in Hamilton Road Cemetery Deal are to be of bronze and 15cm x 10cm in size.

Failure to comply with these regulations where up to three warnings are given may result in a Memorial Mason not being able to work in the Council’s cemeteries.

The Council reserves the right to alter or make additions or amendments to the foregoing regulations from time to time.

To request a booklet of the full version of Dover District Council’s specification for the installation of memorials please telephone 01304 872458 or email



Telephone No. (01304) 872458