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Publicity for your Community Group

There are many ways you can promote your event/group and it is often the more imaginative ideas that gather the most publicity.

However, an effective starting point is writing a Press Release.

We have examples of useful local media contacts that you could consider sending your Press Releases to.

You might also like to consider producing leaflets or posters - although please be responsible in getting permission to leave leaflets, or put up posters, and remember to take down posters after the event.

Other ideas could include:

  • Call your local media and have a chat
  • Set up a Facebook page, or use other social media
  • Write to the letters page or community page of your local newspaper
  • Consider promotional events - think about photo opportunities
  • Attend other events in your area to promote your group/event
  • If you have funding, there are options to buy ads in a range of media
  • Add details to ‘what’s on’ pages of websites. (Your event can be listed on the White Cliffs Country website, e-mail whatson@dover.gov.uk at Dover Visitor Information Centre with details of your event).
  • Get talking - don’t forget family, friends, colleagues, club members - use all your contacts and spread the news.



Email: pr@dover.gov.uk