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Writing Press Releases

sample press releaseHere are a few notes on writing Press Releases from our Press Office:

  • Begin with a short and catchy intro – talk about the most newsworthy part of the story at the start to catch the attention of the editor/reader and make them want to read on

  • Use the rest of the Press Release to give more details of what you are doing, and remember to cover the 5 w’s – who (is involved), what (is happening), where, why and when

  • Try to write in a style that would not look out of place in a newspaper or on a media website – journalists are extremely busy people and the easier it is for them to use the wording from your release the better

  • Try to keep your Press Release brief and easy to understand, keep sentences and paragraphs fairly short, and try to keep to one page of A4 paper if possible - use plain English and avoid ‘jargon’

  • If you use the initials of a group/organisation, try to spell out what the initials stand for the first time you use them – for example: ‘Dover District Council (DDC) often abbreviates its name to the initials’

  • Remember to put full contact details for the public at the end of the Press Release, (if there is a separate contact for the media specifically, for example a press office, list this separately)

  • Use a headline in bold at the top of your Press Release – this helps to draw attention to your news

  • Consider including a quote from someone within your organisation – the chairman, secretary, organiser of the event, etc

  • Target the distribution of your Press Release – send your information to all those you think may be interested

  • Think about timings – allow the press time to cover it, think about their deadlines, and make sure you give everyone time to see your news.




Email: pr@dover.gov.uk