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Setting up a community group

There comes a time when your community activity or event needs more than just an informal group of people to organise things. When it comes to applying for funding, for example, many funders will want to see more formal arrangements for how your group is managed. 

Here we provide some useful information on how to set up a community group.

Writing a Constitution

The first thing you need to prepare is a constitution. This is basically the written rules for how your group is managed.  Your constitution needs to include information such as your group’s name, its membership, its aims and objectives, its powers, its management committee, procedures for group meetings, etc.  

Key Roles & Responsibilities 

You’ll also need to think about appointing people to key roles within the group. This includes a chairperson, vice-chairperson, secretary, treasurer, and committee members. Your constitution will outline the way in which people are appointed to these roles, usually by election at an annual general meeting.

Please see below responsibilities for each role:

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