Food Poverty

Food poverty is commonly defined as 'the inability to acquire or consume an adequate or sufficient quantity of food in socially acceptable ways, or the uncertainty that one will be able to do so’. It is a pressing issue that affects individuals and communities worldwide.

Food poverty can be a long-term challenge or a temporary situation resulting from sudden changes in personal circumstances. People living in food poverty often struggle to afford sufficient nutritious food or face difficulties accessing it within their communities. This can lead to reliance on emergency food aid, such as food banks, to meet their basic needs.

Addressing food poverty requires a multifaceted approach involving government policies, community initiatives, and collaborations with charitable organizations. By raising awareness, advocating for change, and supporting local efforts, we can work towards reducing food poverty and ensuring that everyone has access to sufficient, nutritious food.

Immediate Crisis Provision

 Local food banks are charities that give food to people who can't afford it, are available for short-term emergency food in a crisis. Please find the below list of food banks that are currently availbile in a crisis: 

Deal Area Foodbank


Call: 01304 728428


 Dover Foodbank


Call: 07870361180



Other Provision

Other local providers that support residents with food provision, advice and guidance are also availible. 

Aylesham & Rural Pantry


Call: 01304 840 134




Ackholt Road





Tuesday - 09.30am - 12.00noon
Thursday - 12.30pm - 3.00pm


Dover Pantry

Call: 07898 045 384



Dover Pantry

Unit 16 Charlton Centre

High Street


CT16 1TT


Monday: 11.00am - 2.00pm
Tuesday: 11.00am - 2.00pm
Wednesday: 11.00am - 2.00pm


Sandwich Pantry

Call: 07377 808477




Jubilee Centre

Jubilee Rd


CT13 0QP


Mondays 1-3pm



Ongoing preparatory work for Deal Social Supermarket is currently underway.



Support for families in need including the community fridge project.

Call 01304 840134




Ackholt Rd




Chequers Community

Kitchen Keen2Cook classes (how to cook with fresh ingredients on a tight budget). Classes are subsidised by grant funders. Meal deliveries to local area.


Call 01304 362288                       Email


Chequers Kitchen
The Chequers
Golf Rd
Deal, Kent
CT14 6RG


Sunrise Café

A community café run as a social enterprise for the benefit of the whole Dover community operating a ‘pay what you can afford’ model.


Call 01304 448070

Sunrise Cafe

168 Snargate Street

Dover CT17 9BZ



Household Support Fund

Dover District Council has received funding from Kent County Council to support households who would otherwise struggle to buy food or pay essential utility bills or meet other essential living costs, through the Household Support Fund

New applications can be made by contacting our providers below from 1st June 2024.

Eligible support could include:

  • Food
  • Energy and water (including sewage)
  • Essentials linked to energy and water
  • Wider essentials subject to discussion
  • Housing costs in exceptional cases of genuine emergency

If you feel you are eligible to access this fund, please contact one of the organisations below who will be able to discuss with you the support required and assist accordingly:


Contact Details

CAB (Citizens Advice Bureau) Dover District

Call: 0808 278 7961

Deal Centre - Age UK South Kent Coast

Call: 01304 372608


Deal Foodbank

Call: 01304 728428


Dover Foodbank

Call: 07870361180


Dover Outreach Centre

Call: 01304 339022

Dover Riverside Centre

Call: 01304 207268


Sandwich Age Concern

Call: 01304 614237


If you have any questions on the Household Support Fund, please contact 

Healthy Start

Support for young parents 

You could qualify for the Healthy Start scheme if you're on benefits and are at least 10 weeks pregnant or have a child under 4. If you're under 18 and pregnant you automatically qualify even if you are not on any benefits.

Through the Healthy Start scheme, you get a prepaid card which is reloaded with money every 4 weeks to spend on milk, plain fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables, and infant formula milk. The card also entitles you to free vitamins.

To find out more, visit Help to buy food, milk and vitamins - Kent County Council