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Cost of Living

The rising cost of living is affecting everybody in different ways. Here at Dover District Council, our cost-of-living plan will set out how we plan to support those most impacted, as well as those who have not faced financial challenges before.

As per our Cost of Living Plan, we've dedicated a number of web pages to providing information and resources on how to cope with the rising expenses of everyday life. This will help our communities be more aware, informed and empowered to navigate the rise in the cost of living.


Food Poverty

Emergency and non emergency support available district wide.


Fuel Poverty

Advice and guidence on helping you to save energy, and money on your utility bills.


Grants and Funding

Information on what funding opportunities are available to local groups providing support.

Warm Spaces

Information on what warm spaces are available, and how to start one.


Employment development scheme and events to help get you into work.


Services available to support families and those experiencing poor physical & mental health.

Budgeting and Debt

Advice and guidance on all things budgeting. As well as avoiding and getting out of debt.


Housing and Home Improvements

Advice on getting a home, council tenants and private housing. 

Household Support Fund

Information on the scheme, and how it can support residents with the cost of living. 

Support for Businesses

Information on starting or maintaining a business. 

How can we help?

an opportunity to contact us, we'd love to hear from you.

Community Hubs

Find out what Community Hubs are in your local area. 


General Support

Help for households

See what support is available to help with the cost of living and save money with energy saving tips. Help for households is a service proivided by gov.co.uk. 

Social Enterprise Kent 

Social Enterprise Kent are currently providing Cost of Living support. 

They said "we understand that managing the ever-increasing cost of living can be challenging. That's why our friendly team of Community Connectors are here to provide comprehensive support to assist with a wide range of issues, including help with financial stability, finding work, support with digital skills, access to healthy food, help with paying bills and much more". 

For more information visit - Cost of Living Support - Social Enterprise Kent (sekgroup.org.uk)

Or contact SEK on 01843 210005 / costofliving@sekgroup.org.uk