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Cross-channel traffic disruption

Dover town is significantly impacted when there are high volumes of cross-channel traffic and freight, or during delays caused by weather, strikes or unexpected disruption. 

We know this can make it difficult for residents to go about their daily lives. For businesses in the district it can have a detrimental effect on trade, particularly those in Dover town. 

We understand how frustrating this can be and the impact on those living and working here, as well as for those wishing to visit our beautiful district. 

Dover District Council (DDC) has repeatedly raised its concerns with the Government about investing in Kent’s road network and improving the road infrastructure around Dover to help reduce the impact and keep traffic moving. 

Community impact and support 

DDC is not responsible for maintaining or running the road network nor traffic enforcement which falls under National HighwaysKent Highways and Kent Police respectively. 

However, Dover District Council works closely with the community to understand the impact on residents and businesses when the town is affected by disruptive periods. 

The Council has fed this back to the Kent and Medway Resilience Forum (KMRF), which is a partnership of organisations, including DDC, working to improve resilience and ensure a co-ordinated response to emergencies that affect communities in the county. 

As a result, KMRF has written to residents and businesses with useful advice, including: 

  • Where to find updates and information you might need
  • Emergency services access during traffic disruption
  • Expected busy periods over the summer
  • How traffic is managed in the area, including when Operation Brock is being put in place

Read the letter from KMRF here »

Other useful links and local contacts 

In the event of disruption in the town, here are links to local services should you need to check if there are any changes. 


Public transport

To keep up to date with any service disruption see:  

Health services



If there are problems with waste collections due to traffic, please see: 


Entry Exit System (EES) 

The European Union (EU) is planning to introduce the EU Entry/Exit System, which is an automated system for registering travellers from the UK and other non-EU countries. 

The introduction has been delayed, but it is expected to come in towards the end of the year. 

The checks will require travellers passing through the Port of Dover and Eurotunnel on their way to Europe to register facial and fingerprint scans.

Processing people through the system will naturally take much longer than it does now. This could lead to significant delays and DDC is pressing the Government to take urgent action to address this.