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Event Planning: Barriers

Equipment at the site that might be a hazard should be fenced off, and some attractions will need barriers.  Barriers are a useful tool to protect hazardous areas, direct visitors or to segregate different attractions. 

Barriers used to help manage crowds must be carefully planned as in the wrong place can themselves create a hazard, particularly during an emergency. 

  • You need to keep a check on these during your event and make sure they are kept safe for the public. 
  • The type of barrier or fencing you use is important and it needs to be fit for purpose (think of small children for example) – single rope barriers may not be acceptable.

There are many types of barriers available and for certain types of barrier you may need to ensure that trained and experienced staff are operating them. 

The erection of barriers on roads is subject to KCC Highways & Transportation and Highway Authority approval.