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Event Planning

Our step by step events package is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Our event notification form has now been updated. On the 'About the Event' section, add the venue postcode/use the 'add pin' option to let us know where the event is being held.

1.  Tell us about your Event »

2.  Make a Plan »

3.  Assess the Risks »

Event Planning Toolkit

Organising an event can be hard work, and a top tip is to start early! Try to give yourself a six to twelve month start, and make sure that you get in touch with your local authority and any other relevant organisations as soon as you can. Full introduction.

New District Events Policy

New District Events Policy bringing a number of changes to how we administer applications for events and some new obligations for event organisers

Planning your event

How to run successful and safe event that everyone can enjoy

Risk assessments

Identifying and dealing with potential hazards

Hiring Council land

Contact us if you want to use DDC land for your event


A suggested timeline to help you plan your event

A-Z of event planning

Everything you need to know about running an event

What's on

Our White Cliffs Country website hosts our Events listing

Updates by email

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