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Event Planning: Crowd Management

Many aspects of your event can have a direct impact on crowd behaviour, such as:

  • Design of venue to allow for crowd movement within the site
  • Number of people attending
  • Positioning of crowd control barriers and fencing
  • Ensuring the right amount of facilities are available
  • How messages are communicated with the public
  • Who will be attending? (Think about age, where they are coming from, behaviour - each age group brings its own demands and risks).
  • Character of the performers and their activities

The following points should be considered

  • Entry and exit of the audience
  • Opening time
  • Crowd pressure at the entrances
  • Opening the entrances and arrangements for the front of stage area
  • Ticketing policies
  • Admission policies (in particular, alcohol)
  • Searching policies
  • Crowd Sway/Surges
  • Stewarding/marshalling
  • Is security required?
  • Has the event been held before?
  • What can you learn from previous experience?

See new guidance primarily aimed at those with a responsibility for security at crowded places - Crowded Place Guidance