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Event Planning: Festivals

As you make your preparations look at ways to make sure that your event is safe. 

You must consider that drugs may appear at a festival type event and you should have measures in place to prevent the use and distribution.

Dealing with drugs at music festivals requires a multi-disciplinary approach which includes:

  • health messaging
  • education and enforcement
  • action on the part of organisers

Your festival must be as safe an environment as possible to help protect the public, especially young people, from the potential harms and risks of all drugs. 


  • Adopting a ‘no legal-high’ policy towards new psychoactive substances as a condition of entry to the festival site.
  • A communications campaign to make festival goers aware of the risks and dangers with taking illegal drugs and new psychoactive substances or so called ‘legal highs’.
  • Referring anyone seeking information to the FRANK website or the confidential helpline (0800 77 66 00).
  • Updating the Home Office with any evidence or information on new psychoactive substances or ‘legal highs’ that you encounter so other festival organisers can be informed. If you are interested in learning more about the Home Office FEWS project please contact 020 7035 5338.