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Event Planning: Market Square

The Market Square in Dover is an area of land owned by KCC Highways but managed by us. It is available for hire for charity, promotional and community purposes only. No commercial enterprises or trading is permitted. KCC highways will also not support any information stands on their land that are politically motivated and this approach would be applied to any political party. Political members can stand in the pedestrian area and talk to people but they will not approve an information stand.

Any booking made must be submitted to KCC Highways so that they can confirm that no road works are scheduled for the day of hire.

If organisers are arranging for a stage/heavy vehicle to be in Market Square then KCC Highways must be informed in advance so that a condition survey can be conducted with a KCC Highways inspector. The area inside the bollards should not be used for staging and heavy vehicles.

If an event coincides with Market Days (Tuesdays, Saturdays), we require at least 4 weeks’ notice of the event so that we can inform the Dover Town Team, who will ensure that Market traders are not in the fountain/bollarded area.

Requirements for persons using KCC land

  • Access is maintained for emergency services at all times (property fire escapes etc must not to be blocked)
  • All users are advised not to damage the highway (not be used for anchoring tents and advise no petrol generators to be used due to fuel spills etc)
  • Event organisers need to clear up any rubbish after themselves
  • You will need to have relevant public liability insurance to indemnify both us and Kent County Council
  • Consultation, when appropriate, with shopkeepers

Fountain in Market Square

If you require the fountain in Dover Market Square to be switched off for an event then you must request this at least 4 weeks before your event by contacting our event officer. There will be a cost to the event organiser for doing this as the switching off of the fountain requires fencing to be installed for protection of the asset.