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Event Planning: Street Parties

Street parties are specific events that usually have the following characteristics:

  • Self-organised
  • Publicity goes to residents only
  • The event is organised for residents/neighbours only
  • No licences are normally needed if music is incidental and no alcohol is sold
  • Closure of residential roads only – however this requires an application, same for any road closure, at least 12 weeks before the event

Consider the following when planning your street party

  • Will there be anyone locally that might be adversely affected or put at risk by your event?
  • Take a look at www.streetparty.org.uk for tips and ideas;
  • Fill in the Events Notification Form available on our website. It is advisable to contact the event officer at DDC prior to completing the form so that you can receive initial advice on how to proceed;
  • You can only apply for the closure of a residential road (not a main road/bus route or through road).  This will need to be sent in a minimum of 12 weeks before your planned street party;
  • Obtain public liability insurance – we always advise that any event has public liability insurance in place. The organiser must accept responsibility for possible claims if this insurance is not in place;
  • You need to make sure that access to the closed street is maintained at all times in case there is a need for emergency vehicles.  It is ok to place tables and chairs in the road, as long as they can be moved easily;
  • You need to speak to everyone that lives or holds a business in the road where the road closure is planned.  It is your responsibility to make sure that they know about your proposals and are happy with them.  You can always send a letter with details of your plans and how they can contact you if they have any concerns or queries – they might even want to get involved and help;
  • Share the jobs out!  If people want to help out, let them.  Don’t try to do it all on your own;
  • You will need a licence if you plan to:
    • Sell alcohol (this includes if you plan to give it away as part of a ticket price or in exchange for a “donation”);
    • Serve hot food and drinks between 11:00pm and 5:00am;
    • Provide regulated entertainment (such as live music) to the public or a section of the public;
    • Provide regulated entertainment (such as live music) with a view of making a profit, even if this profit will be given to charity. Check with the owner of the building/land that you plan to use.  They may already have a licence in place.  If not, you will need a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) or a Premises Licence.  Please contact our Licensing department for more information;
  • Make sure you do a risk assessment – this is a careful examination of the potential hazards that may be involved in a particular activity or range of activities. Use your common sense to ensure that risks have been evaluated and that nobody is going to get hurt;
  • If it is a private party, you don’t need to get special permission to serve food (unless it will be after 11:00pm). Use these basic food safety tips (NHS website).  Ensure food is not kept out of temperature control (hot above 63oC or cold below 8oC) for more than 4 hours before being eaten or thrown away;
  • If you are planning on holding a raffle at your event, please speak to our licensing team;
  • You will need to clean up afterwards.  Let people know in advance what time it will finish and keep a section aside for recycling bins and bin bags;
  • Have a weather proof back up plan.  What if it rains?  Make sure that you have umbrellas/tarpaulins and parasols available and keep them on standby.  Or find a covered venue just in case.