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Event Planning: Structures

Any person that constructs or erects any item on the event site should give you a written certificate confirming that it is safe. Any temporary structure, such as scaffolding or stages, need to meet the required standards for construction sites. If you are going to have a marquee, you need to make sure that all stakes and pegs are highly visible and fenced off to the public.  Make sure the company you use are reputable, covered by Public and Employers Liability and that the marquee is fire retardant certified. You will need to have fire extinguishers and clearly marked entry and exit signs.

You must make sure that structures and installations do not block any entry or exit points from the site and consider how you are going to prevent trips or other physical hazards (sharp edges/points).

The event may require the provision of temporary demountable structures (e.g. gazebos, marquees and stages). It is essential that any temporary structures are designed and erected to suit the specific purpose intended.


  • Where will they be located?
  • Who is the supplier?
  • Who will erect the structure(s)?
  • What design will meet your requirements?
  • Protection of workers (e.g. from falling, from falling objects and from injury incurred through lifting loads)
  • Fire evacuation, exits, escape signs, extinguishers (all structures should be considered in the event fire risk assessment)
  • Use of lifting and rigging equipment
  • Who and when will structures be dismantled?
  • Ensure that all upholstered furniture, curtains, drapes, tents and marquees, are fire retardant, or have been treated to give some fire retardancy
  • Ensure adequate marquees, temporary structures and other fire hazards are sited an adequate distance apart;
  • Review essential documentation - construction drawings, risk assessment, safety method statement, completion statement
  • Who manages the completed structure - lighting, marking, managing the loads