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Risk Assessments

Safety is fundamental to the success of your event.  As the event organiser, you will be held liable by law, for the safety of those that are both staff at your event and attending your event.  To make sure your event is safe, you need to identify potential hazards and decide (with help if you need it) on what precautions you are going to put in place. 

All events that take place must comply with relevant safety law.  The most relevant for you to look at are:

So that you are ready for anything that might happen you need to do a risk assessment (a must if you are hiring Council Land and want to comply with health and safety laws!).  This document identifies any potential hazards at your event and how you will deal with them if they happen.  Risk Assessments are not always large documents, small events may only be a page or so long.  Most important is that they are relevant and contain realistic ways of controlling the risk.  A template risk assessment can be downloaded from our website. If you require any assistance in completing your risk assessment then please contact the event officer at DDC.

Plans should be put in place (as part of the risk assessment process) detailing how you would deal with an emergency such as personal accidents, crowd disturbance, lost children/vulnerable persons, bomb scares or adverse weather conditions (such as extreme heat, snow, heavy rain, gales/thunder and lightning).  

Risk Assessment Example » (pdf)

This shows you what we look for in a risk assessment, however this level of detail may not be required for all events.

Covid-19 Risk Assessment Example » (pdf)

There is now a requirement to complete an additional risk assessment for all events to identify those risks presented by COVID-19, so any necessary control measures can be identified and implemented.  This template gives you an idea of the type of risks and possible control measures that can be adopted. 

Risk Assessment Matrix » (pdf)

A chart that rates the severity of a risk against the likelihood of it happening

Risk Assessment template » (MS Word)

Use our template to create your own risk assessment

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