Localism Act 2011

The stated aim of the Localism Act 2011 is to 'reverse years of creeping state control' and shift power from central government back into the hands of individuals, communities and councils - allowing local people the freedom to run their lives and neighbourhoods in their own way. 

The Act is major piece of legislation affecting a wide range of existing housing, planning and local government legislation. 

Key Measures in the Act

The Act 'takes power from central government and hands it back to local authorities and communities - giving them the freedom and flexibility to achieve their own ambitions.'

Taken together the measures in the Act mean:

  • New freedoms and flexibilities for local government
  • New rights and powers for local communities
  • Reform to make the planning system clearer, more democratic and more effective
  • Reform to ensure that decisions about housing are taken locally

Among the changes are giving councils a new general power of competence and introducing neighbourhood planning.

Further information

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