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Getting Involved In Your Community

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There is a long tradition of volunteering and community participation in the Dover district and this is something that we want to see continue and thrive because of the many benefits it brings to individuals and communities.

Participating in community life can offer people a way back into work, training and education, the chance to break out of isolation and meet new people or simply give the satisfaction of knowing you have made a difference to someone’s day.

People who participate in their communities are more likely to get involved in the work of the Council and vote in elections and that is good for our local democracy too.

How can I get involved in my community?

We recognise, and value, that many people are already active in the Dover district, giving up hours of their time to make life better for themselves, their neighbours and their communities.  Depending on what your interests are and how much time you have, there are many ways to get involved and make a difference in your community, both big and small.

For example: 

  • Voting in local elections
  • Taking part in surveys
  • Attending community meetings, such as the Dover District Neighbourhood Forums 
  • Helping a neighbour with their shopping
  • Recycling
  • Organising community events
  • Volunteering for a charity or community group
  • Participating in a Neighbourhood Watch scheme
  • Becoming a member of a residents group
  • Forming community action groups
  • Acting as a trustee or school governor 


Get Involved in...

Further Information

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  • Localism Act 2011
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