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Sustainable Communities Act 2007

The Sustainable Communities Act gives an opportunity for councils and communities to put forward new thinking on how to meet the challenges of sustainability and local wellbeing.

It starts from the principle that local people know best what needs to be done to promote the sustainability of their area, but that sometimes they need central government to act to enable them to do so.

Under the Act local communities and councils can ask government to take some action, if they believe that will make a difference to the local community. Actions can include:

  • A change in legislation
  • A transfer of responsibilities from one public body to another
  • A new national policy
  • A change of policy

In 2008 the government asked for ideas to be submitted by councils working with local communities. All proposals had to be approved by a panel of local people. Over 200 proposals were presented to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government for consideration in December 2009.

In December 2010 the Secretary of State published their response to the proposals and issued a new call for ideas. Communities and councils can now submit ideas at any time through the Barrier Busting website.

The Barrier Busting site and the Sustainable Communities Act are designed to help you get things done for your local community. 

If you would like us to consider proposals to improve life in the Dover district and submit them on your behalf you can send your ideas to: policy@dover.gov.uk